Reduced Complexity

Lower Cost & Management Overhead

Full Business Continuity

Seamless replication from one storage platform to      another, vendor independent and storage platform     independent

The traditional SharePoint environment consists of a high-performance SQL-SAN or SQL-NAS environment. These environments require elaborate and expensive backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure no data is lost. SAN and NAS are complex storage solutions with substantial management overhead. Stealth Content Store is non-intrusive to the users and infrastructure and removes the need for expensive storage and management by off loading unstructured data to cheaper on-premises, cloud or hybrid storage. Object Storage is self-managing and self-healing and does not need expensive backup and restore solutions. There is no vendor lock-in as the software is both vendor and platform independent. Stealth Content Store is installed on the existing SharePoint environment, hence there is no need for additional capex for the Storage & Infrastructure Team.