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The Stealth Data Replication tool copies files from existing Stealth Content Store (SCS) BloB storage to a new storage device without the need for a SharePoint migration. This will be faster and without any downtime for the SharePoint environment. It is able to replicate on a Content Database level, hence it is more flexible than using a plain hardware migration.

There are a number of use cases for Stealth Replicator:

  • Adding a new storage device.
    This is usually the case, when an additional backup location is needed, or a company wants to have another storage device in a different region for faster access.

  • Changing an existing storage device.
    The Stealth Replication tool can also be used to switch from an unwanted storage device to another device. For example, when a customer wants to change vendor.

Compared to the official command-line migration tool, the Stealth Data Replication has a number of benefits. Duration is shortened and performance of disc and CPU are substantially increased. Further details and comparison data are outlined in the Replicator datasheet.

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