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STEALTH Content Store (SCS) is a software only RBS (Remote BLOB Store) solution to efficiently manage active SharePoint content. STEALTH Content Store enhances the scalability, performance and security of Microsoft SharePoint (including OneDrive for Business) while reducing cost, complexity and management overhead. STEALTH Content Store has been architected from the “ground-up” to provide the next generation RBS solution to support highly scalable SharePoint farms on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid implementation. STEALTH Content Store separates “structured” and “unstructured” data at the SharePoint application layer – only the “structured” data (metadata and content id) is stored in the SQL database while the “unstructured” (binary large objects (BLOB’s) data can be stored on less expensive object storage platforms or lower cost SAN or NAS. STEALTH Content Store is implemented on existing SharePoint servers – no additional hardware or software is required. No stubs or webparts are needed. It is not a SharePoint Farm solution. SCS is completely non-intrusive to SharePoint and its users and requires no client-side installation. No web servers or appliances in the network are required. STEALTH Content Store (optionally) encrypts the data at the SharePoint application layer with an AES-256 key at an individual file level so that the data is protected “in flight” and “at rest”. “Man in the middle” attacks are not possible. Encryption keys are generated and managed by the customer and can reside in a secure SQL database or a separate key store. Encryption keys can be generated per content data base. Separate copies can be written synchronously or semi-synchronously to a duplicate store – on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment to support business continuity and disaster recovery.