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STEALTH Software provides cyber security solutions to mitigate information security threats and help mitigate ransonware attacks with strong patented encryption technology. SCS.Net has been developed to provide the same data protection and other Stealth Content Store benefits for (cloud based) .Net applications. Other benefits include disaster recovery and business continuity and the ability to change vendors or the type of storage platform seamlessly (SAN, NAS, CAS, Object Storage, Cloud, Hybrid etc.). Stealth Software has built cyber security and operational efficiency software from the ground up based on a strong belief that data-centric security was and is the way forward. Data needs to be protected before it is in transit and once it is stored on any type of storage platform, no matter where that platform resides.

According to Forrester, cybercriminals have become more skillful and sophisticated and have eroded the effectiveness of traditional perimeter-based security controls. The constantly mutating threat landscape requires new defensive measures, one of which is the pervasive use of data encryption technologies. In the future, organizations will encrypt data - both in motion and at rest - by default. This data-centric approach to security is much more effective way to keep up with determined cybercriminals. By encrypting, and thereby devaluing, sensitive data, organizations can make cybercriminals bypass their networks and look for less robustly protected targets. Encryption will become a strategic cornerstone for security and risk executives responsible for their organization's data security and privacy efforts.*

* Forrester Research, Inc., Kill Your Data to Protect It From Cybercriminals

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Our mission is to provide customers with products that deliver on their promise at a fair price and and that provide a fast return on investment. The goal is to enable our customers to provide a better experience for their employees and their valued customers in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

stealth software | what customers are saying

"As a fast-growing government consultancy, we use SharePoint as a business critical platform to serve our clients in the US and around the world. Since we deployed Stealth Content Store (SCS), we have realized significant benefits in the areas of scalability, performance and security while significantly reducing our cost and management overhead. The amount of unstructured data generated by our business continues to grow rapidly and STEALTH Software provides the ideal solution for our needs."

Matthew Pierce / Dennis Lauer
CIO | The Cadmus Group

PCI-SM, a partner of STEALTH Software, is using the Stealth Content Store (SCS) application to assist in the deployment of OneDrive for business within a Department of Defense (DoD) agency.  "Stealth Content Store provides the ability to securely collaborate and communicate with your peers, reduce costs on your storage and SQL hardware, and reduces the time necessary to perform data backups. SCS isn't a SharePoint solution: it's a SQL/data solution. It affords the SharePoint team to perform their day-to-day activities in a more cost effective, secure manner, but at the end of the day, it is a bridge between the SharePoint farm and the object store. In today's world, data is important; SCS ensures your data remains important."

Brian Russell and Micah Lewis
SharePoint Engineers | PCI Strategic Management

"At Newport City Homes we had a project to migrate over 750,000 documents from SharePoint 2010 to a SharePoint 2013 environment. STEALTH Software allowed us to undertake this task quickly and efficiently. The journey was a complex one and we worked closely with the Stealth team and the final solution was great. The team supported us every step of the way and made the process painless. I would recommend STEALH Software to anyone and we're now looking at how our SharePoint document storage can be made even more efficient. Furthermore, STEALTH Software allowed us to seamlessly replicate all of our data from SharePoint 2013 to our new SharePoint 2016 environment."

Owen Barrett
IS Manager | Newport City Homes

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