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In order for companies to modernize their legacy IT infrastructure and reap the benefits of cloud computing for all their .Net applications, Stealth Software developed SCS.Net. This means that all the benfits that were developed for SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Dynamics are now available for all .Net applications. This includes:

  • AES256 encryption in flight and at rest;

  • Mitigation of ransomware risks as far as unstrucutred data is concerned;

  • Storage vendor and storage platform independence;

  • Writing concurrently to mulriple geographic locations.

Currently, data in transit to the cloud is protected by TLS 1.2 or 1.3. Only once it is stored in the cloud is the data protected by the most more robust AES256 encryption. The Rakoon attack has shown that there are vulnerabilities in using TLS. We believe data should be encrypted at the very minimum with AES 256 encryption and further measures should be taken to ensure multi-level security of unstructured data.

SCS.Net. provides additional benefits. The Stealth Replicator can be applied.

There are various use cases for Stealth Replicator:

  • Adding a new storage device. This is usually the case, when an additional backup location is needed, or when a company wants to have another storage device in a different region for faster access or when adding an new (cloud) storage platform to the existing environment.

  • Changing an existing storage platform. The Stealth Replication tool can also be used to switch from an unwanted storage device to another device. For example, when a customer wants to change vendors.

  • Compared to the official command-line migration tool, the Stealth Data Replication has multiple benefits. Duration is shortened and performance of disc and CPU are substantially increased. Further details and comparison data are outlined in the Stealth Replicator data sh

  • Data can also be stored synchronous to multiple geographic locations, vendor or storage platform independent (e.g. AWS, Azure, IBM, Hitachi, Dell/EMC, Scality or any other cloud or on-premises storage platform). Data is protected in flight and at rest with AES256 encryption.