Stealth Content Store 5.3 encrypts the data at the SharePoint application layer or at the Gloabal Cloud File System or Cloud Security Platform, level with an AES-256 key at an individual file level so that data is protected “in flight” and “at rest” whether on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid solution. Encryption keys are generated and managed by the customer and can reside in a secure SQL database or a separate key store. Stealth Content Store 5.3 supports and enhances compliance and covers requirements for data privacy, regulatory compliance (FBI CJIS, HIPAA, PCI), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), information protection and intellectual property protection. SCS 5.3 protects data from inadvertent or intentional dissemination from the storage level since only encrypted BLOB’s reside in storage while the encryption keys and metadata/content id are stored separately and are at all times controlled by the customer.


Stealth Content Store 5.3 supports highly scalable (to petabyte-size) SharePoint farms. Storing large amounts of unstructured data (binary large objects (BLOBs) in a SQL database can consume large amounts of file space and requires expensive server and storage resources. With Stealth Content Store 5.3 – IOPS are dramatically reduced, providing up to a 20% performance improvement can be achieved by eliminating inefficiency to storing unstructured data in a SQL database (including 7-8% encryption overhead).


With Stealth Content Store 5.3 less expensive storage can be deployed than the traditional SAN storage typically used to support SharePoint in order to meet scalability and performance requirements. SCS 5.3 typically reduces SQL databases size by 80% or more – freeing up or potentially reducing the number of SQL servers and SQL database licensing costs. SCS 5.3 is a single software-only solution that significantly reduces complexity when compared to other solutions that typically require complex farm-level solutions or webservers/appliances to be inserted in your network. SCS 5.3 is easy to deploy and administer with a simple console to support data reporting requirements.


Stealth Content Store 5.3 multi-provider supports high availability – if the primary storage should become unavailable – Stealth Content Store would automatically switch over to the backup storage platform. SCS can write multiple copies synchronously or asynchronously to a duplicate stores in multiple geographic locations - on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment to support business continuity and disaster recovery.