STEALTH Content Store for Zimbra

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a great web based e-mail, shared calendar and instant messaging that provides users a complete end-to-end solution. It has one big drawback: The original way of storing all email messages and file attachments is far from optimal. STEALTH Software has a clever solution for this drawback: It separates the content (the mail message and its file attachment) from the metadata. The content is stored in a simple, cost-effective storage cluster using Object and Cloud storage. The metadata remains in the MySQL server.

The STEALTH Content Store for Zimbra Collaboration Suite  integrates and uses Object and Cloud storage as a simple, cost-effective storage cluster to function as a Zimbra Message Store. It coordinates the Message Store and uses simple semantics to recognize file commands to invoke redirection calls to Object and Cloud storage when it recognizes message and file data objects.

  • Transform email and collaboration to become more efficient
  • Make administration and integration less painful

While email use has increased dramatically with the growth of the Internet, the underlying messaging systems most enterprises count on to keep pace were generally designed more than a decade ago. These older systems can be frail and challenging to run in today's frenetic environment. Zimbra is leveraging the strength of the open source philosophy to innovate enterprise communication and STEALTH Software has extended its value by integrating it to Object and Cloud storage.

Using STEALTH Software results in impressive benefits leading to direct Return On Investment:

Solution Value

Optimize capital expenses

  • Replacing expensive Mail Server storage for cost effective content storage 

Improved operational expenses
  • Enables seamless storage management.
  • Facilitates cost-effective business continuance and disaster recovery.

Delivers richer content management policies
  • Robust archival and immutable writes.
  • Guaranteed retention and deletion.

Easy installation and implementation
  • Tooling for automated migration of existing Zimbra Mail Stores.
  • Quick Return on Investment.

Operational Benefits
  • Performance of the Zimbra Mail Server improves significantly.
  • Reliability of the Zimbra Mail Server improves significantly.
  • Restore times of backup / recovery are much faster, up to 10 x faster.
  • Scalability of Zimbra Mail Server improves significantly.
  • Regulatory requirements of the application are managed through storage and archiving.
  • Easy Installation and Implementation.
  • STEALTH Software is non-intrusive meaning that users will not notice a difference.
  • STEALTH Software accepts all upgrades as it is not part of the Zimbra application.

Financial Benefits
  • Less investment in file server hardware.
  • Upfront storage investments are smaller as it is easier to grow your storage capacity in smaller steps.
  • By utilizing Object and Cloud storage costs are reduced.
  • No need to invest in backup solutions as separate backup is not needed anymore.
  • Less operational management costs.
  • No need for upgrade licenses. One lifetime license per mailbox plus annual maintenance fee is all that it takes.

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