STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint using Scality - "SharePoint® Unlimited"

What is the STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint?

STEALTH Content Store for Microsoft SharePoint is the industry’s first truly seamless integrated SharePoint Content Store solution for External Storage and Cloud Storage. STEALTH Software extends the value and performance of Microsoft SharePoint while optimizing storage and server resources using External Storage and Cloud Storage. Exploding data volumes make companies quickly run out of Microsoft SQL server resources which means that additional Microsoft SQL servers must be deployed resulting in information silos and overall a higher management effort. When this is the situation at your company, STEALTH Content Store for Microsoft SharePoint can save your company money in terms of license fees, management effort and additional hardware.

Typically, as much as 80 percent of data for an enterprise-scale deployment of Microsoft SharePoint consists of file-based content that are stored as BLOB data. These BLOB objects comprise data associated with Microsoft SharePoint files. However, maintaining large quantities of BLOB data in a Microsoft SQL Server database is a suboptimal use of SQL Server resources. You can achieve more value at lower cost with equivalent efficiency by using an external data store like External Storage and Cloud Storage to contain BLOB data.

Key Advantages of STEALTH Content Store for Microsoft SharePoint using Scality.

  •     Easy integration and deployment resulting in a quick ROI
  •     Significant reduction of costs related to unbridle growth of Microsoft SQL server installations
  •     Significant increase of Microsoft SharePoint performance
  •     Transparent to end-users resulting in no impact on your companies business
  •     Efficient and secure storage of archived data with Scality
  •     Dramatically reducing the recovery time of your SharePoint environment by separating content from the metadata allowing for easy backup and restore.

What benefits do you get?

Continued storage infrastructure flexibility for your SharePoint® environment usage regarding your users and content
By choosing STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint and Scality, you are able to opt-in or opt-out of the solution depending on your requirements over time. You can return to the infrastructure prior to the installation of the solution without being locked in, as in sometimes the case with particular archiving solutions for SharePoint®

No limitations in SharePoint® usage regarding users and content
By choosing STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint and Scality, you are able to add any type of content (Exchange, SAP etc) to your SharePoint® environment without seeing a performance impact for the user community. This is achieved by storing only the metadata to the SharePoint® SQL Server® and content data to the Scality via the STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint solution

Provides for complete business continuity
With the combined STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint and Scality solution, the backup and restore times of your database and content can be brought within acceptable windows. This can give you the ability to reduce business continuity risks to an absolute minimum.

Non-intrusive to the Microsoft SharePoint® environment
The combined STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint and Scality solution is fully transparent for the users of SharePoint®. As required, additional capacity can seamlessly be added to the Scality for usage by STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint® – now or in the future

Potential reduced capital expenditures for Microsoft SharePoint® environments
Once the STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint and Scality solution is deployed, only the metadata is kept in the SQL database. You are then able to move content to the more cost-effective Scality which can result in an immediate return on investment (ROI).

Value and freedom
Instead of storing it in a SQL Server® database, STEALTH Content Storage for Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007/2010/2013 using the Scality allows you the ability to efficiently and cost effectively Storage unstructured data known as BLOBs (binary large objects). This integrated solution can deliver the performance, scalability, and reliability that you require for your SharePoint® implementations. Your organization can ease the strain on the SQL Server® database by storing content on the Scality that can seamlessly grow to Petabytes depending on capacity needs

What are your overall business benefits?

Can improve database performance
Reduce storage capacity in the SQL Server® by storing unstructured content externally can improve database performance and reliability.

Allow for fast backup and recovery       
Reduce SQL Server® database footprint which can reduce backup/recovery times and help to ensure content protection.
Reduce storage and storage handling costs
Reduced storage costs can be obtained by utilizing the External Storage Platform for SharePoint® content storage, resulting in direct ROI.

What is the value of our solution for your organization?

Optimize capital expenses       

Implement cost effective content storage, replacing expensive SQL Server® database storage

Improved operational expenses       
Allows for seamless storage management
Facilitates cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery

Easy installation and implementation       
Tooling for automated migration of existing SharePoint® repositories
Quick Return on Investment

Non-intrusive services       
Service that doesn’t interfere with SharePoint® 2007/2010/2013
No installation of web parts in SharePoint® 2007/2010/2013
Application management remains at a low cost
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