STEALTH Software for Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint overview

Creating your own SharePoint Unlimited with STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint in combination with External Storage Platforms.

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular and widely used document sharing and workflow applications available. However, many companies struggle with the fast growing SharePoint environments within their organization. Many projects sites, files and documents are stored within SharePoint and together with business applications running on or integrated with SharePoint, data storage, security and recovery becomes expensive and difficult to manage and scaling SharePoint company wide and migrating from 2007 become real challenges. STEALTH Software helps you overcome these SharePoint Challenges by transparently (i.e. no web parts, no stubs) and in real-time storing only the meta data in SQL Server and Content  (i.e. the actual files and documents) onto any external storage solutions of choice.

Stealth Software Overview
STEALTH Software separates metadata and Blob data.

Stealth Software The Funnel

Why use STEALTH Software?

What are some of the benefits of using STEALTH Software for your SharePoint environment?

Reduces IT expenses. STEALTH Software is transparent and non-intrusive. A typical enterprise implementation can be done within two weeks and realizes a 30-50% in Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) resulting in less than 12 months ROI.

Improves scalability and performance. STEALTH Software enables you to deploy Microsoft SharePoint enterprise wide as our solution is scalable to Petabyte size SharePoint environments. Since our solution is a software only solution that doesn't use web parts or stubbing it reduces the maintenance of business applications that run on SharePoint and allows you to scale them company wide.

Improves security of all content. STEALTH Software encrypts files before they leave the SharePoint application and land onto any storage platform of choice. Subsequently, the files are encrypted in-transit and at-rest, thus eliminating “the-man-in-the-middle” and separating data access and file management.

Increased productivity and adoption. STEALTH Software dramatically reduces the load times of files and documents stored in SharePoint. This leads to faster and wider adoption of SharePoint in your organization as well as increases the productivity of your people.

Makes migrating from SharePoint 2007 to 2010 and 2013 fast and effortless. STEALTH Software makes migration to the next SharePoint environment faster and so much easier since 80%-95% of all your data is now kept outside of the SharePoint SQL database. When you are ready to migrate, you are only moving the meta data to the new SharePoint environment. The actual data files are uniquely connected to their meta data and stay untouched on the storage solution of choice.  Re-attach and you’re done!  

Stealth Software Water Curtain

What is the STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint?

STEALTH Content Store for Microsoft SharePoint is the industry’s first truly seamless integrated SharePoint Content Store solution for External (SAN/NAS, Object, Cloud) Storage. STEALTH Software extends the value and performance of Microsoft SharePoint while optimizing storage and server resources using External (i.e. SAN/NAS, Object, Cloud) Storage. Exploding data volumes make companies quickly run out of Microsoft SQL server resources which means that additional Microsoft SQL servers must be deployed resulting in information silos and overall a higher cost and management effort. When this is the situation at your company, STEALTH Content Store for Microsoft SharePoint can save your company money in terms of license fees, management effort and additional hardware.

Typically, as much as 80 percent of data for an enterprise-scale deployment of Microsoft SharePoint consists of file-based content that is stored as BLOB data. These BLOBs or binary large objects comprise data associated with Microsoft SharePoint files. However, maintaining large quantities of BLOB data in a Microsoft SQL Server database is a sub-optimal use of SQL Server resources. You can achieve more value at lower cost with equivalent efficiency by using an external data store like SAN/NAS, Object, and Cloud Storage to contain BLOB data.

Key Advantages of STEALTH Content Store for Microsoft SharePoint:

  •     Total Cost reduction
  •     Scalability of the application
  •     Performance enhancement of the application and database
  •     Security of all content
  •     Business Continuity

What Business Value do you get?

Cost Control

By choosing STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint you transparently and seamlessly externalize 80 – 95% all content files to an external (i.e. SAN/NAS, Object, Cloud) storage platform, without using web parts nor stubs. You keep only structured data/meta data in a structured environment i.e. SQL database. All content is now stored onto a cost effective storage platform and not onto high cost database storage. STEALTH Content Store changes the way SharePoint data is managed and has a direct effect on the application management overhead, number of databases, amount servers and cost effective storage. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced by 30-50% and results in a quick return on investment (ROI) of 12 months or less.

Productivity Increase
STEALTH Content Store enables SharePoint to grow into enterprise scale. In fact, you can create an application platform to store and share any type of content of various other (integrated) applications (files shares, personal folders, Exchange, SAP, etc.), without the user community seeing a performance penalty.  Every knowledge worker has direct (controlled) access to his/her business information delivered by different applications from the same collaboration environment.

Risk Reduction

STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint completely supports risk mitigation and compliance directives by means of the unique manner in which the content files are stored and can be encrypted, before they leave application layer, seamless integrated with SharePoint modules, like for example Record Center for records management. Also STEALTH Content Store delivers unique functionality to safely and simultaneously store an extra backup copy of all content files off premise or in a private/public cloud, thus reducing business continuity risks to an absolute minimum.

Time to Market
The combined solution of STEALTH Content Store with Microsoft SharePoint is poised to turn enterprise content management and collaboration into a competitive advantage. The combination enables the organization to connect more easily to business applications and use the adequate information in a timely fashion and without to deal with the IT complexity, because data is unified into a single platform. In that way, the seamless information flow throughout the organization supports the interaction between departments and speeds up time-to-market.

What Operational Value do you get?

Less Complexity

Instead of optimizing by adding components in the SharePoint architecture, STEALTH Software makes components (i.e. middle layers, archiving & media servers, appliances) redundant and connects SharePoint directly and seamlessly to external storage, optimizing performance, instantly increasing scalability and simplifying application, database and storage management. The end-result is reduction management overhead on application, database and infrastructure.

Quick Backups
By storing all content files on external storage, STEALTH Software reduces SQL Server database footprint and improves the database performance and reliability. The optimization has a direct effect on the backup process, whereas backup/recovery are substantially faster and help to ensure content protection. Further, STEALTH Software works with the SharePoint Maintainer and supports the cleaning process of deleting the orphan-files within application.

Content Fail-over
STEALTH Software provides SharePoint Content Fail-over to support business continuity and availability of the file content to end-users.  Files can be accessed from both the primary and remote SharePoint server. Up- and downloads of files can take place from the primary or secondary data center, completely transparent to the end user. The mechanism for content fail-over does not need third party products and works for any object and cloud storage platform.

Value and freedom

STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint is storage platform independent. By choosing STEALTH, you are able to opt-in or opt-out of the solution depending on your requirements over time. You can return to the infrastructure prior to the installation of the solution without being locked in, as in sometimes the case with particular archiving solutions for SharePoint. Any current or future storage device is supported and can (on request) be integrated. There is no lock-in to the infrastructure.

What Technical Value do you get?

No web parts, no stubs
Take out the complexity and optimize both application and infrastructure

No installation of web parts in SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 and future versions

Fully and transparently integrated 

Using EBS (Extended BLOB Storage) and RBS (Remote BLOB Storage) APIs

Using existing storage APIs and protocols
Tested and certified

Circumventing SQL Server

Tooling for automated migration of existing SharePoint repositories
Quick Return on Investment

Non-intrusive services
Service that doesn’t interfere with SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 and future versions

No middle layers, media servers nor appliances

Application management remains at a low cost

Cloud Ready
Connect SharePoint in real-time to Private and Public Cloud Storage…secure(!)
STEALTH Concurrent Provider stores concurrently to on Premise and in the Cloud
Ultimately run your own SharePoint environment completely virtual in the Cloud (i.e. Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services)

Short implementation cycles
Tooling for automated migration of existing SharePoint repositories 

Quick Return on Investment, starting in weeks not in months

Supported Storage Platforms

The various Storage Platforms that STEALTH SharePoint Storage Guide connect with are:

Real Time Web Analytics