Secure SharePoint Content

Your valuable SharePoint Content is secured before it leaves the application.

STEALTH Software’s Content Store encrypts the file content that is uploaded in SharePoint in-line. This means that the content is secured before it is stored in an external storage platform. This added security to SharePoint data addresses the security on file-level, whereas the files are protected both 'in-transit' as well as 'at-rest'.

As soon as SharePoint is deployed at enterprise scale the Service Level is changing and the demand for security of business critical i.e. customer privacy data is growing. Both in the Enterprise and in Government markets, customers want to make sure that their SharePoint data is protected on the lowest level possible i.e. file-level protection.

Our technology enables companies and government organizations to comply with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO – guide to cloud computing) as well as the European Art 29 Data Protection Directive.

STEALTH Software Content Store for Microsoft SharePoint now offers them a flexible and secure encryption methodology with which to address those requirements.


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