Improve Scalability SharePoint

Scale your SharePoint as big as you want it

SharePoint’s out-of-the-box solution for storage is placing all data in the SQL Server. So if you put a lot of content in SharePoint than your database gets full. You will notice that as the performance of SharePoint will become slower. So to speed up things you would place an extra SQL Server. Now things go smooth again. But for how long? The appetite for digital content is getting bigger and bigger. Before you know performance is bad again. So you add another SQL server…and another…and another…and so on. This requires investments in hardware, licenses, extra manpower to operational manage the extra servers. All is costing a lot of money.

Sounds familiar? Well, it doesn’t have to be like this. By using our STEALTH Software you will (in most cases) only need two servers: one to hold all metadata and one as a mirror to the first one. That’s it! Why? Because STEALTH Software separates the metadata from the content (also known as unstructured data or BLOB’s (Binary Large Objects) and stores that in the SQL Server. The content is placed in an external storage environment, like an internal or external Cloud Storage. Now you can scale your SharePoint is much as you want to. The limit is the storage space in the Cloud (and that’s quite unlimited at this moment). As the policy of the Cloud Storage is ‘pay-what-you-use’ you don’t need to invest upfront in storage. This all dramatically reduces your storage costs! If you use a lot of data the reduction could vary from 60 – 90%!

Optimal SharePoint Storage

On the left you see the standard classic Architecture. Notice the funnel that arises.

On the right you see the NEW way of Storing Content using STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint. Like a ‘Watercurtain’ the content is stored in an evenly and ordered manner in the external storage. The metadata are the only data being stored in the SQL Server. As these metadata are a fraction of the total data generated your SQL Server will work much more efficient. Result: a much better performance of your SharePoint! Moreover, you can backup and restore much faster.‘Liberated’ from its SQL ‘cage’ your SharePoint environment can scale freely. All of this will result in happy SharePoint users and operational IT managers facing less operational management and operational costs.

Want more information on how we secure your SharePoint content? Download our presentation on STEALTH Software Content Store for SharePoint.

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