Improve Performance SharePoint.

Don’t accept that your SharePoint becomes slow.

The performance of SharePoint is dependent of the ‘brainpower’ of its SQL database(s). If the databases get clogged up with all kinds of content ( the so called BLOB’s (Binary Large Objects)) this will have a major impact on the SQL I/O performance and it’s transactional operations. Put in other words: SharePoint becomes slow…irritatingly slow. As users make good use of SharePoint by adding all kinds of content to be stored in SharePoint, in the meantime they are creating a problem. And the more they use SharePoint and the more data they upload, the bigger the problem they are creating. Of course you cannot tell your users to make less use of SharePoint. No, you (or your colleague responsible of the IT-structure of your company) should get in touch with us.

Why? Because we significantly improve the performance of your SharePoint. With SETALTH Content Store installed on your SharePoint platform you will notice a performance improvement of your application by 30-40%. As only metadata are stored on the SQL server. The BLOB’s are seamlessly and directly stored from the application onto the external Storage environment (see here the list of supported storage platforms), completely transparent to the end-user and natively integrated with the application, database and external storage layer.

Want more information on how we secure your SharePoint content? Download our presentation on STEALTH Content Store for SharePoint.

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