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You can find Stealth Software at SPTechCon at Booth #800.

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STEALTH Software provides software solutions to enhance the security, scalability and performance of Microsoft SharePoint and .NET applications while reducing cost, complexity and management overhead. 

The company was founded based on the vision that these capabilities should be provided to customers in a cost effective, easy to deploy and easy to operate manner.  To realize this vision for its customers, Stealth Software developed a solution that meets and incorporates all of the above mentioned requirements in a single "software only" product.  The company also developed STEALTH Extranet for SharePoint, a secure file sharing software with  2 factor authentication (2FA), a full audit trail of information shared and eDiscovery capabilities.
The company was voted "Most Promising Company" by the PWC Accelerator program and has been recognized by major analysts, such as Gartner in the areas of secure (Private & Public) Cloud Computing, Infrastructure Protection, Data Privacy & Compliance and Protection of Information and Intellectual Property.
Gartner Cool Vendors in the European Cloud Computing Market -

"STEALTH Software enables encryption and decoupling of the storage of information from the (SharePoint) application layer.  By doing so, it provides a solution to one of the most prevalent inhibitors of cloud use in Europe.  It also provides a solution for inhibitors of public cloud use: privacy, security and compliance concerns about where the data is stored and who has access to the data once it is stored in the cloud." 
STEALTH Software was founded in 2010 - with offices in the United States and Luxembourg.